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Physiotherapy – What can it offer you? 

Your physiotherapist is the expert in human anatomy and movement. They can identify the nature of your condition and its contributing factors. Your physiotherapy consultation will include a full history record and clinical examination of your present condition.

For the examination, you will be required to remove items of clothing to expose the area or areas to be examined so you may want to bring some shorts or a vest top if you would feel more comfortable. After the examination, you will be given an explanation of your condition and the treatment options available to help improve your condition.

Management of your condition is likely to consist of a home exercise programme, manual therapy as well as advice on self-management of your condition to optimise healing and return to function.

2019 Update: Linton Physiotherapy is now offering Kinesiology Taping and Healthy Lifestyles advice. For more information, please contact me. 

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What Can Physiotherapy Be Used To Treat?

Back and neck pains
Sacroiliac joint pain
Shoulder pains
Muscular pain
Hip pain
Knee Pain
Muscle, tendon and ligament strains
Tennis elbow
Sport injuries
Post- operative rehabilitation
Rehabilitation following fractures
Arm pain
Repetitive strain disorders/work related upper limb disorders